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5 Tips To Keep Safe your WordPress

5 Tips To Keep Safe your Wordpress

5 Tips To Keep Safe your WordPress

Then we are going to give you 5 tips to keep safe your WordPress in 2015. They are very easy to follow and can make you life easier:

  1. Passwords must use strong passwords. None of using the date of your Birthday or the name of your dog. using programs such as LastPass or 1Password to generate and manage your passwords.
  2. Use security plugins: There is one very preferred Wordfence Security . It will do a complete check of the safety of your installation and help you find and solve the main problems
  3. Do not let the Pingbacks: often used to link your blog to the blog of another person. It can be an open door for hackers.
  4. Make backups: backup is paramount. You can use a plugin like WordPress Backup to Dropbox  and send a backup of your blog to your account Dropbox online storage. In case of problems you can recover all your data.
  5. WordPress Upgrade:  Upgrade WordPress, plugins, themes ... do not leave it for later. If you can install Jetpack maintenance tasks directly from



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