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Tips for Optimizing Your Website Based on WordPress

Tips for Optimizing Your Website Based on WordPress

Tips for Optimizing Your Website Based on WordPress

WordPress is a management system open source content, which was built with efficiency in mind, but it is a reality that once you install the necessary plugins website, it starts having performance problems such as decreased faster loading website.

f you use a web service storage shared and start seeing a significant increase in traffic, this can lead to your web storage service suspended your account and will recommend more dedicated solutions.

Find ways to optimize your WordPress site can make a big difference in the long run. With the passage of time will know what plugins work best for your website and what not. Here we share some tips to help with this company.

Use cache your pages

You can quickly reduce the demand for CPU and memory on your server using a cache plugin as  W3TC , which is one of the best and most efficient. Having saved pages in cache greatly increases the speed of loading your site, especially if you have many publications and traffic.

If you're just starting out with WordPress and does not have much technical knowledge, then we recommend the plugin WP Super Cache .

Compresses images on your site

Whether you have a blog or an online store, or both, your website requires images to help convey a message to readers and customers. But if you have many, then your site can be slowed.

WP is a great plugin that helps you optimize your images without compromising quality. Your images look great, your pages load better and users get a better browsing experience on your site.

Replace the plug SEO

All In One SEO Pack is one of the most popular SEO plugins, but requires significant resources and also often cause many errors burden, especially on sites that are starting toget more traffic . One reason why it is very heavy, is laying around two thousand lines of code each time the page is loaded or view.

There are better alternatives like Greg's High Performance SEO  ,  WordPress SEO byYoast  or  Premium SEO Pack , which are  much lighter plugins. If you do not want to use a plugin to optimize your SEO, you can do it yourself by adding an extract of code. 

Optimize your tables database

 WordPress obtained, stored, deleted and updated posts and comments in the database regularly, and that is why the speed of your website can drop dramatically. Manually clean your database requires log in phpMyAdmin and use the "optimize table" after selecting all tables. Not many people want or know how to use this option.

Use plugins like  Perfomance Optimizer or WP-Optimize eliminates the reviews of publications, clean Comments rejects spam and deleted that might be taking up valuable space, comments and also run special search optimization.

Compresses JavaScripts

JavaScripts are found on almost every page of any website. Sometimes the file is large, and sometimes they are small but loaded repeatedly.

To help compress your JavaScript code, you can use  Better WordPress Minify  or  Dynamic Website Compressor .

Use a plugin related publications dynamic

Having a plugin publications helps visitors and customers to better explore your website and discover more of your content.

Some plugins publications build your database each time a publication is loaded, but plugins and Efficient Related Posts do so only when the publication is created or updated.

Get your Gravatar

Having a Gravatar quite useful as the profile image of your choice will travel with you no matter what you use the site. But this can also slow down your site, since gravatars are downloaded from

By using  FV Gravatar Cache  is stored in cache gravatars users of your site, thus minimizing the need to download them remotely.

Detects slow plugins

When you have many WordPress plugins on your site, it can be difficult to find the one that could be causing your site becomes slower. You'll have to deactivate and then reactivate them all one by one.

Plugin Performance Profiler , also known as P3 Profiler , shortens the tedious work and helps you find the problematic plugins in a simpler way. You might even realize that the plugin was not as necessary and just get rid of it.

Use Storage SSD

As ironic as it sounds, have many plugins to help optimize your website can do it slower to load. The best option is to use a service specializing in WordPress hosting .

Their advantages and disadvantages are:

  • Advantages: They offer a very fast loading time without implementing caching plugins.
  • Disadvantages: They are expensive. They often have restrictions on plugins that you can use (thus ensure faster loading time) and are not flexible.

SSD storage servers using Solid State Devices instead of standard hard drives. SSDs provide better upload speeds compared to traditional hard drives.

As for price, while specializing in WordPress servers typically charge $ 100 or more, the cost of an SSD storage plan is generally between $ 15 and $ 30 a month. It is best to shop SSD hosting that suits your necesidadades and budget.

Do you know any plugin you want to recommend us? Share in the comments.



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