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3 Montana Winter Huts, You Should Stay In

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For me, winter is a special time of year when family and friends can spend more time together and, most importantly, slow down. For many of us, this part of the "slowdown" is almost impossible for an average week of normal life, so we almost need to escape at all for this to actually happen.

That's why I love Montana so much.

In Montana, you have to slow down. The cool air of the mountain and the slow lifestyle command it.

Montana offers the chance to reconnect with loved ones and remember who you are .

In winter, Montana is particularly beautiful and welcoming with these three winter huts that will make your snowy journey incredible:

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The Rock Creek Ranch looks like a winter scene of a painting. The lodge offers downhill skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, bicycling, ice skating, sledging and end-of-year celebrations. So, there are just a few things to do, ha!

More on the Rock Creek Ranch:

As the only founding member of the US Special Lodges Collection, our Montana winter resort rivals the chalets of Lausanne, Chamonix and Turin as a winter getaway . Stay in the welcoming Granite Lodge or make one of our luxury homes or cottages your private ski lodge. Delight in chef Drage's culinary experiences, such as tasting menus, Dutch oven dinners and other hearty and healthy dishes. Enjoy happy hours bonfire with mulled wine and hot chocolate.

There are few destinations that have all the best winter holiday ideas waiting outside your door. In addition to all-inclusive snow ski and downhill skiing tours at the Discovery Ski Area, just 35 minutes away, enjoy activities all year round, such as sports, horseback riding and bowling tournaments in the area. Silver Dollar Saloon. Off-Ranch excursions, such as ice fishing on Georgetown Lake are available at minimal additional cost or as part of our winter specials.

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<p> The Lone Mountain Ranch is a winter lodging experience unlike any other. At this ranch you can fish, visit Yellowstone Park, go skiing, snowshoeing and sleigh rides. </p>
<p> More on the Lone Mountain Ranch: </p>
<p style= For over 100 years, Lone Mountain Ranch has given travelers the true Yellowstone Country experience. Just 18 miles beyond the northwestern boundary of the park, nestled between the Montana Rockies, rivers and meadows, and only 40 minutes from Bozeman Airport, it's there that you will find and enjoy the good things in life.

Come on horseback riding, fly fishing all year round and guided tours of Yellowstone Park with naturalists. Ski more than 80 miles world-class nordic trails or take your chance on the downhill runs next door. Stay in a historic private cabin with all the high comforts of home in the West. Our ranch hands, expert guides and chefs will offer you what Montana has to offer. Bring your family, your friends or someone special, we will take care of the rest.

To get a even best idea of ​​activities at Lone Mountain Ranch, watch the video below.

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The Triple Creek Ranch includes winter activities such as downhill and cross-country skiing, and skijoring, which resembles water skiing but a horse and a rider tow you on a pair of skis in the snow!

The ranch welcomes guests aged 16 and over making this getaway the perfect place for mom and dad to take a break, get back to zero and revive their relationship.

More on Triple Creek Ranch:

Experience the legendary hospitality and enchanting beauty of one of the world's best hotels located in the heart of the Bitterroot mountain range to cut the Montana Rockies blast. Triple Creek Ranch, proud member of the prestigious Relais & Châteaux, offers an epicurean and all-inclusive vacation experience of refined rustic elegance, gourmet cuisine accompanied by an excellent wine list, and a warm five-star service and welcoming in the middle of a mountain retreat forest.

Our luxury Montana Ranch accommodations offer a fine selection of luxury cabins and splendid ranch houses with easy access to our well-appointed and comfortable lodge. Our lodge and surrounding area feature an organized collection of original Western art and the deluxe amenities of a luxury resort. Here, adult travelers enjoy a truly romantic setting with incomparable landscapes, a wide variety of native wildlife, an almost endless menu of all-inclusive outdoor activities and the possibility of Add some of the most beautiful western off-ranch adventures to the continental United States.

Come join us for a wonderful day-to-day retreat and truly relax in our world-class rooms, dine in the freshest contemporary cuisine and savor the world's finest wines while our attentive staff pamper you and take care of you and all your desires.

Learn even more about Montana winter accommodation by visiting! Happy winter!

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