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Best Ways To Bring #JoyToTheTable

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The holidays are coming! This time of year is full of excitement. First comes a Thanksgiving celebration feast and next thing you know, Christmas is upon us. There are so may family gatherings, joyous festivities, and unique holiday traditions. Today I am going to share with you some of the best ways to bring #JoyToTheTable this holiday season. This post is sponsored by Cracker Barrel Old Country Store but all opinions expressed are my own.

Joy To The Table

5 Best Ways To Bring #JoyToTheTable As You Celebrate The Holidays

The holidays are a time for gathering and it just so happens that the gathering is often done around the family table. Whether it is Thanksgiving or Christmas, what better than to eat, drink, and be merry?

1. Bring Gratitude To The Table
Sure the holidays are yummy, and sparkly and full of things to grab your attention but center yourself and your family around the fact that the holidays are above all else, a time to be thankful. When we stop and remember just how lucky we are to have our health, our family’s safety, and all the opportunities that each new day can bring, it is a real foundation for joy. Show your gratitude whether it is through prayer or a general celebration of your love. You may also enjoy these printable “so thankful” utensil wrappers to help you express your gratitude.

cracker barrel old country store table decor

2. Table Decor
Another great way to bring joy to the table is decorate your table in order to put everyone into the festive spirit. Create a centerpiece that sets the mood and is visually appealing.

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store has some super cute décor for the holidays. It is easy to make your table beautiful and welcoming with some of their holiday decor. I used their Snowy Owl on Limb Decor along with their a couple of ornaments that I can repurpose to the Christmas tree later. The Owl with Santa Hat Ornament and the LED Red Lantern Ornament (that actually lights up) are just so cute!

holiday dinnerware patterns

3. Dinnerware
Using festive dinnerware is another way to bring joy to the table. It really makes a huge difference to sit down to the table and see dinnerware that is just for the holidays. You feel all fancy and it helps you savor the moment.

This year, Cracker Barrel Old Country Store is offering some very unique and special holiday dinnerware patterns for the holidays. It was easy to make my table beautiful and welcoming with their Woodland Stoneware. One thing I really like about the Woodland Stoneware collection of holiday dinnerware patterns is that they are not just Thanksgiving or Christmas dinnerware patterns, instead they are more of a festive fall/winter feel so you can use them to joy to the table for more than one ocassion.

You can check out all the Cracker Barrel Old Country Store holiday dinnerware patterns here. Which is your favorite?

Cracker Barrel Heat n Serve Pies

4. Delicious Food
And let’s face it, the food itself can bring joy to your table! Try to get some of everyone’s favorite holiday dishes. When planning quantities, it is always better to have extras so you can share leftovers than not enough!

Cracker Barrel makes it easy to host without the hassle. You can order your Thanksgivng meal and/or pick up Heat n’ Serve Pies. There are a variety of whole pies available during the Thanksgiving and Holiday season available for in-store pickup. I was able to sample the pumpkin pie with my family and it is delicious. The crust is flaky and there is plenty of pumpkin spice. We topped it with some fresh whip cream and it was so good!

You can place your Cracker Barrel meal or pie orders online for pick up in store.

5. No Electronics
A very important element of bringing joy to the table this holiday and every family meal is to leave the electronics out of it. No checking cell phones, no playing with ipads. Just conversing with your friends and family. Just being in the moment. Just enjoying this special time to celebrate!

Christmas Holiday Dinnerware

Which holiday traditions do you use to bring #JoyToTheTable? Tag @familyfocusblog and @crackerbarrel to share on social media how your bringing #JoyToTheTable this season!

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