Feed Your Family for Only $50/Week – It’s Possible!

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Can you imagine feeding your family for only $ 50 a week?

Earlier this year, we launched a little gem book (IMHO!) Titled The 50 $ Weekly Shop . I have received many nice comments from people whose lives changed dramatically after reading my book. Every time I receive a message saying that my book has helped a household reduce their expenses and even improve their lifestyle, I feel empowered. There is still so much more to give!

You know my story. It may be crazy to try to know where to start or how. It's hard to resist the temptation to buy instant food when your kids beg to be fed. Do not do it! I have the back!

If you're sick of worrying about what to do for dinner tonight – then I have the perfect new book for you!

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<p style= Presentation of my new book, The $ 50 Weekly Magazine Dinners of the Week ! This is the highly anticipated accompanying book of my bestseller and it is bursting with NEW REVENUES to feed your family of four – for only $ 50 per week!

Get this book if you:

  • Having a family hungry to feed and not knowing where to begin
  • Are tired of the same old meals of the week and need new ideas
  • Like sticking to a tight weekly budget!

My book is full of recipes that are not only economical but also easy, so easy that even beginners in cooking can follow! And most importantly, these are nutritious meals that your entire family will surely love.

No more dithering and accidental overshoot of your budget.

I will teach you how plan ahead and prepare a range of all-new and all-delicious meals on a very tight weekly budget. No more cramming and making unforeseen trips (and not budgeted) to the grocery store! And certainly more to feed your family with unhealthy food – when healthy food made from scratch is not only better but also cheaper!

If you have a goal in mind, we can work together. Believe me, it's very possible!


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