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How to Name Your New Blog

Along with my own blogging journey, I have also spent the last few years helping others build up their blogs, too. Helping others start a blog is a huge honor, as I love bringing someone’s voice to life. One big part of bringing this voice to life is choosing the right blog name.

It’s important that a domain name should let people know who they are and what they write about. There’s an old saying in real estate that only three things matter – location, location, location. In the world of websites, three different things matter – domain name, domain name, domain name.

So, how do you find the best name for your blog?

How to Name Your New Blog

There are a many different ways to go about finding your blog name. One is to not worry so much about meaning, but instead, think about what will be easy for people to remember. “Purple Gorilla” might not mean anything as far as what you write about, but it’s a pretty sure bet that people would remember it.

Another idea is to stick with your personal name. This is a great idea if you have another business that your blog is a part of, but may not be the best idea if you don’t want people in the PTA to quickly find you on the internet.

How to Name Your New Blog

If you have a specific niche, playing off of that is a great way to choose a name as well. Do you want to write about food? Babies? Traveling with kids? The only rub is that your subject matter might change over the years. For example, you may start off writing about baby wearing or attachment parenting, but as your kids get older you want to branch out into other subjects. It is something to be mindful of when making the name commitment.

How to Name Your New Blog

One of the biggest mistakes people make when launching their website is creating a domain name with hyphens or getting creative with non-traditional spellings in order to find an available name. That’s part of why I really love .ME domains. There is a much larger pool of clever domain names available that still have the same SEO benefits and value as a .COM. In fact, the Domain.ME have given me a helpful widget on my blog (it’s at the top of my sidebar and below) that you can play with to explore potential names for your own blog!

[dotme_search size=”responsive”][/dotme_search]

If you don’t know already, Domain.ME is a domain name provider that allows anyone to create a unique, safe identity online with a domain ending in .ME. They operate as a B2B, which means that people can register a domain name through one of 190 accredited registrars that operate as .ME resellers. Having .ME at the end of your website is an easy way to add a little fun, and instant identity into your blog name. The .ME ending really shows that your blog is about you and your ideas, not anyone else’s.

If you’re still looking for the perfect domain name (or just want to have some fun), spend a little time playing with the widget and see what you come up with!

If you’ve already chosen a name, leave a note in the comments with your blog name so we can all check it out!

Happy blogging. 🙂

This post was inspired and sponsored by Domain.ME, the provider of the personal domains that end in .ME. As a company, they aim to promote thought leadership to the tech world. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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