How to Make a Difference

How to Make a Difference

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The Stress-Free Way to Impact Your Students For Life and Reignite Your Passion for Teaching Almost Overnight


Marjan Glavac presents a refreshing call to action for teachers everywhere, full of the tools, encouragement, and motivation you need to change lives and make a difference. Are you feeling burnt out by the pressures and demands of an ever-increasing workload? Are you missing the enthusiasm you had when you were a new teacher, full of hopes and aspirations? Glavac, a leading inspirational teacher and best-selling author, will reignite your passion for teaching while giving you stress-free tools to inspire, connect with, and challenge your students.

Don’t let the drudgery and hard work of teaching steal your fire—remember why you started in the first place with this inspiring eBook.

How to Make a Difference
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