Speaking Jamaican Patois

Speaking Jamaican

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If you want to learn to speak Jamaican we have audio lessons. Use the Jamaican audio lessons


Are you ready to learn Jamaican Patois with innovative modern strategies? Then this course is for you. Using videos, quizzes, and simple dialog, you can learn Jamaican Patois easily. This course is designed for beginning or intermediate students and focuses on conversational learning. Get started today with this conversational Jamaican Patois online course!

  • Learn to speak Jamaican (the Jamaican language is called Patois).
  • Learn many Jamaican words.
  • Learn to speak Jamaican Patois using audio material and Text Manual. The audio and Text Manual can either be used together (recommended) or separately.
  • Learn Jamaican vocabulary, expressions plus more.
  • The audio lets you hear and become accustomed to the sounds of the Jamaican language.
  • The audio gives you the freedom to decide how and when you want to learn.
  • and more
Speaking Jamaican
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