The Revelation Effect

The Revelation Effect

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Learn The SAME Technique That Almost Started A Cult And Convinced People Of REAL Powers
That You Can Do to ANYONE, ANYWHERE at ANYTIME! (Works 100% Of The Time)

Mind reading is an awesome thing, but how difficult is it? It’s pretty difficult if you don’t know a few secret tricks! We want to share the secrets behind mentalism and mind reading used by fake psychics and celebrity illusionists! The best thing is: you can do this to anyone, anywhere, anytime! In fact, these tricks are so powerful that we advise you to use them wisely.

Good for beginners and experts alike, The Revelation Effect is perfect for everyone! Order now, and get your video guide download within minutes! We promise you it is easy and it really works!

The Revelation Effect is the MOST POWERFUL Mentalism and Mind Reading Trick that uses a special technique to know what someone is thinking. It’s been used to start a cult, convince people of real minding and turn the average amateur magician into a powerful mentalist.

With one simple technique and less than 60 mins of practise you’ll have the perfect trick to amaze absolutely anyone.
The Revelation Effect allows you to reveal a secret thought inside the mind of a spectator or any person you choose, using an ingenious method that you will soon learn within this video. It’s pure Mind Reading and its secret should not be shared…but it’s so good that it has to be known!
It is said that the holy grail of mentalism and mind reading is to be able to walk up to someone – without any set-up – 100% impromptu – and be able to tell them what they are thinking of. There are a range of different methods you could use to do this, but The Revelation Effect beats them ALL hands down. It’s the cleanest, fairest and easiest way to read someone’s mind. Perform it anywhere at anytime to anyone – it can’t get any better than that!
The Revelation Effect
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