The Ultimate Ways to Prepare for Christmas Now!

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Christmas is always crazy for bats for moms. Because let's face it, if it was not for us, Christmas would not happen!

Christmas is mental for moms. And all I can do to make it a little easier – it's gold! Here are my tips for starting to prepare Christmas right now! While hopefully, Christmas can be a beautiful time of year, instead of needing to be admitted to a psychology room on Boxing Day!

Start picking up some long life pantry items or frozen products now!

When doing your weekly or bi-monthly grocery shopping, consider picking up a few items that have a long shelf life that you will use during the Christmas period. This spreads the cost of feeding the hordes during the silly season over a few months. Here are some good examples of grocery items to pre-buy and store:

  • Ice cream pies and sausages
  • Paper towels and plates
  • Frozen vegetables
  • Fruit cake
  • Bottles of wine
  • potato chips
  • Alcohol
  • Canned foods like canned peas or vegetables.
  • Ice cream, frozen desserts

Note: Make sure you check the expiry date to make sure it will last until Christmas!

Talk to the extended family to decide what happens when

It's the hard one! Ask the extended family to decide when and where the celebrations will take place. But if you have this information, you can at least start planning it. As much as possible, try not to organize more than a large family dinner on Christmas Day, to see if the family will be ready to have a party the day after Christmas. Dragging grumpy kids from one place to another on Christmas Day while they just want to play at home with their new toys is difficult – for you and the kids.

If your family is stubborn and difficult, tell them you need to start planning now so kids can have a good Christmas.

Many families have a celebration with one side of the family a year, and the other side the following year.

Note: The family is difficult – but remember, the kids come first !!!!!

Take a gift card or two when shopping or outdoors

$ 5 or $ 10 gift cards are easy and well received Christmas gifts for neighbors, friends or extended families. Plus, if you buy a gift card at the supermarket every time you shop, you can use these cards yourself for the big Christmas shop that needs to be done in December …. It's like the # 1 39, forced savings!

You can pick up gift cards at the checkout counter of almost every supermarket – just ask!

Discuss with the family gifts of gifts

I do not think everyone should buy Christmas gifts for every family member. Not only is this financially stressful, but it is not necessary. Personally, I think extended families should only buy for children under 12 – and have only one limit.

But if your family is in a gift – maybe consider having a maximum amount (say $ 5 or $ 10) – or handmade gifts, or even thinking of a Christ-Kindle – and everyone just buys a present for that secret person!

While giving gifts may be a bone of contention for most families, if you start talking about it now, it could save you a lot of money and stress in the long run.

Gift cards are a great gift idea especially since you can get a good deal in sales after Christmas!

Here are some gift card ideas:


United States:

Set up an event calendar for the silly season

 calembrier of December "width =" 698 "height =" 540 "/> </h2>
<p> In December, the whole family is busy. With late school concerts, family reunions and parties, it can be very difficult to keep an eye on what will happen and when. Think about printing a big calendar (or printing two A4 calendars and assembling them) to stick somewhere you will see every day (I particularly like the front of the fridge – because all the members of the family go there several times a day!). Knowing what you have coming, it is easy for you to plan ahead, and do not double booking yourself which causes stress! </p>
<p> Another idea is that you can use the front of the refrigerator (white refrigerator or stainless steel) as a white board! Just grab the markers from the white board (because the permanent will have cursed you for getting the trick!) – and start writing dates and times! </p>
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